Flin’s Teen’s Classes

Our Teens programme is designed to bridge the gap between “Kids Clubs” and Sports / Dance Clubs or Gyms – these traditional kid’s clubs might not be appealing to every teenager!

We want to bring our brilliant group fitness classes to the next generation …. from 9 to 16 year olds, although if 16 year olds and over feel ready, they are welcome to join the adult classes.

Some of the classes are tailored to the older teens, and while there are no strict rules on which session you attend – some 12 year olds are going to feel more comfortable with the younger age group, while others are taller and would feel more at home with the teens. Siblings might wish to train together. We try to ensure that everyone is training with a group they are happy with.


For now, we are training online!

Monday to Thursday Online, at 4pm.

PAYG is £4 per household ….all the kids can participate for this if they want to get involved! For even greater saving, you can buy an online class pack for £35 for 10 classes!


Team Up Booking App

Once you have registered on the website for classes, download the app to easily book on to your sessions …

Teen Hiit

Hiit training, body conditioning and cardio, exactly the same format as our adult HIIT classes…intensity level suitable for the teen age group!

  • Monday 4pm

Teen Sports Fit

Strength, cardio and conditioning, using the whole body approach. Sports style training.

  • Tuesday 4pm

Teen Boot Camp

Online for now, using household items like a rucksack filled with books, to challenge and make the workout interesting!

  • Wednesday 4pm

Teen Combat

Boxing & fitness drills with drum n bass music & crazy energy levels! 

  • Thursday 4pm

Download The Teen's Health Screen Form!

Click here to download the ParQ Health Screen Form.

Every child will need to complete one, either online or at class.