Fran (that’s me!) teaches everything from HIIT to Fitness Pilates, Fight Klub & Body Conditioning …. pretty much everything else in between. Anything you need to know, just ask …. I’m all over the socials under Flin’s Fitness…DM or email, happy to bring anyone willing into the FF community!

Emma has been part of FF since the very beginning, back in the 90’s! Em is another instructor that can teach absolutely anything … Fight Klub & Body Conditioning, Fitness Pilates & HIIT style …you name it, she teaches it!

Multi-talented P/T Rosie, is a strength specialist, teaching our Early Mornings and Cross Train style sessions, but with a softer side – her amazing stretch methods and Fitness Pilates. It’s no surprise to learn that she is also a trained Sports Masseuse!

Tracey is another Yoga instructor who can go from serene to fierce in a heartbeat, blasting our HIIT fans with a tough session! Tracey presents PowerWave/Power Yoga, perfectly aligning the two worlds in one class, as well as our Buggy Beat sessions.

Kelly is our Zumba and Zumba Gold Queen! She is also teaching Total Body Lite, a general fitness class for those participants seeking a less strenuous session!

Jules has been looking after the FF regulars for many years now, favouring the Pilates & Yoga flavoured fitness classes, although also presents Body Conditioning and Core & Stretch.

Carrie is multi talented and teaches many different classes. At Flin’s, she is the Ying and the Yang, serving up our tough Barbell class and also a sublime Mat Yoga session.

Lauren is an Early Morning Kick Start instructor, as well as The Sunday Session and can turn her hand to all types of fitness sessions. Lauren has Level 3 PT with a Pad Work qualification.

Beth is our weekend HIIT and Sunday Session instructor, but can turn her hand to any general fitness class. Beth has her own classes: Beth’s Fitness Group, for the lucky people of Knockholt.

Kev is our Sunday Yoga guru! Insta famous as @diaryofachubbyyogi, Kevin teaches all around the Bromley area and beyond!

Michele is our Essential Pilates instructor at WP, but teaches post natal Pilates alongside her one-to-one Pilates clients.

Rosie F is one of our Early Morning Kick Start instructors, teaching all types of general fitness classes, but HIIT is her definite fave! Rosie is also a Level 3 P/T.