Who is this programme for?

  • Anyone needing direction and a framework for getting their health & fitness mo-jo back!
  • Anyone needing a “re-set” after the holiday season, or need to get in shape BEFORE a holiday!
  • People who would benefit from improving their eating habits and ditching junk from their diet.
  • Those who like to mix up their workouts & need quick online workouts to fit in with their busy lifestyle!

Is this you??


How will It Work?

– All members of Kick Start Orpington will have access to the national Kick Start workouts with Rachel Holmes, but be looked after locally with me, Fran at KS Orpington, via the secret Facebook group.

– All members will be welcome to pop up in my daily KS Orpington Facebook LIVE sessions …. Q & A, feedback and banter!


So what do I get for my membership?

Kick Start Orpington with Fran:

– Online workouts and daily nutrition information with Fran and Rachel Holmes, founder of KSFL

– Shopping list, recipes and meal planning advice

– Kick Start manual PDF

– Daily coaching with Fran

– Full online support & guidance

– Membership to Kick Start Orpington:

Private Facebook support group with access to full library of our online workouts

Kick Start Facebook LIVE coaching for chat, feedback, and progress monitoring.


The Elevate Pre Summer Plan

This is a 6 week lifestyle programme … in the week leading up to the start date, you will receive your pack via email or Drop Box / We Transfer if your email won’t take the file size.

Pack contents:

  • Shopping list …this will be an Elimination for health list of foods
  • Meal planners for ideas
  • A daily protocol – how to eat, when to eat
  • Motivational AND educational videos for the week ahead
  • A number of online workouts for the week ahead for all abilities
  • Recipe cards and meal ideas
  • PDF of the Kick Start manual for optimum nutrition
  • FAQ’s … the why’s and how’s about Kick Start.


Support & Motivation:

Secret Facebook group – Kick Start Orpington members only – no one outside of the group sees the posts

Facebook Live coaching in the group… I chat, you type! Q’s and feedback…usually around 15 mins.


How the programme works:

Kick Start food is nutritious, whole and fresh – no processed packet style foods – we encourage you to prep / cook from scratch, however we also are busy people like you – lots of throw it all in style recipes that are as quick as pinging stuff in a microwave, only MUCH healthier and good for your body!
3 meals a day, aiming to put you into a caloric deficit over the week – leaving you some ‘wiggle room’ at weekends – real life steps in with social events / family meals / parties etc. We don’t encourage a blow out, but you can be a little less strict if you’ve been following the plan all week 🙂
The online workouts are between 7 & 15 mins and are following Rachel Holmes or myself on the video link provided. However with Elevate, you will have a class pack of 10 classes for use at Flin’s Fitness classes, ideal if you are local to Orpington.


£89 which includes the a 10 Class Pass for a 6 week duration.

The 6 Week Elevate Plan starts on June 10th until July 21st


Kick Start On Demand Lifestyle Programmes


Why Kick Start?

🎯Our shorter programmes are great for a reset back to better health & fitness…. perfect for before an event or holiday, OR a post holiday reset!

🎯Our longer programmes set up good habits to improve your health, hormonal balance and lifestyle!

Anyone can sell you a diet plan.

But what about long term?

How do we TRULY change our lifestyle for longer term PERMANENT health benefits and fat loss?

We aim to take you through the minefield of diet myths and misconceptions about what is healthy food and what is not!

Learn how your body works, how it responds to certain foods, and become your own “diet detective”!


Ditch the diet mindset and enjoy life, food and yes, exercise!