Kick Start Lifestyle Programmes

Why Kick Start?

🎯Our shorter programmes are great for a reset back to better health & fitness…. perfect for before an event or holiday, OR a post holiday reset!

🎯Our longer programmes set up good habits to improve your health, hormonal balance and lifestyle!

Anyone can sell you a diet plan.

But what about long term?

How do we TRULY change our lifestyle for longer term PERMANENT health benefits and fat loss?

We aim to take you through the minefield of diet myths and misconceptions about what is healthy food and what is not!

Learn how your body works, how it responds to certain foods, and become your own “diet detective”!

Ditch the diet mindset and enjoy life, food AND fitness!

Autumn Elevate is HERE! Join us for the next 8 Week Block, starting on October 7th!

Read On For The Full Elevate Timetable

ELEVATE Autumn 2019

Fitness, Nutrition & Mind-set Programme For You To Be The Fittest, Strongest, Healthiest & Happiest of Your Life.

Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life, Mentally & Physically, At Any Age.

We are reaching for BIG GOALS for this season’s Elevate. Not only making a huge commitment with the highest level of fitness programming, workouts and evidence-based nutrition for optimum health, vitality and happiness, but also harnessing the power of tech enabling you to make the best choices to get you faster to your goals.

*We are elevating your cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility with results-focused 15 – 20 minute home workouts.

*Evidence-based nutrition bringing you bang up to date with the very latest food accountability apps and bots, giving you data driven control. Be it weight loss, or maintenance and a balanced approach, Elevate will give you the tools to reach your big health goals harnessing the power of tech and accountability. OWN your nutrition and get the results you WANT!

*Daily Coaching – Every day in the Facebook group learn life changing tips and hacks, including….

  • Changing & upgrading your daily habits
  • Hormonal balance
  • Food behaviours, cravings
  • Emotional eating, comfort eating, late night nibbling, eating when you’re not hungry
  • Midsection weight gain, menopause weight gain.
  • Lost mojos, mental fitness, daily de-stress, living a low stress lifestyle
  • Sleep
  • 1 minute meditations….

All covered in High-Performance Coaching 5 days a week.


Who Is Elevate For?


*If you are ready to make serious changes in your health and fitness.

*If you want to see BIG improvements in your health and fitness.

*If you want to follow a progressive and cutting edge programme.

*If you want to drastically improve your fitness levels and sort out your nutrition.


What Do You Need?


*Kettlebell (optional)

*Step (optional)

*Stability Ball (optional)

*Activation Band / Resistance Band


Running in the group until Friday 29th November, where we then hit a “maintenance month” until after Christmas!


Elevate is made up of 3 progressive programmes – Elevate, Accelerate, Activate.


Block 1 is Elevate:

Elevate Your Fitness, Strength, Nutrition and Mind-set.

Be The Fittest, Strongest, Healthiest and Happiest Month!


Week 1

NEW Faster Fitness – Including Cardio & Strength 20 Minute Workouts.

Weight loss fundamentals and foundations

Rapid Fat Loss & Summer Detox.

Week 2

New Midsection Meltdown week

New workouts and midsection nutrition protocol

Habits, Stress and Emotional Eating.

Week 3

ACTIVATION Band & Lift Lean Workouts.

Hormones, Working With Your Body For Optimum Results

Week 4

Super HIIT Tabata and EMOM Workouts Increasing Fitness and Strength.

Nailing your nutrition week.


Block 2 is a 4 week Accelerate:

Building on your results from September and taking you to the next level.


Week 1

15 minute Boot Camp Workouts.

Refocus on Goal Setting

Week 2

2 X Training Workouts week

Balance within nutrition, goals and social life.

Week 3

Barefoot Conditioning

Try new barefoot training workouts

Week 4

Accelerate Workouts to finish October STRONG!

Personalise your nutrition and eating plans.


Block 3 is ACTIVATE:

Unlock your potential and apply advanced techniques and methods to your training, nutrition and mind-set.

Week 1 ACTIVATE Core workouts

Week 2 ACTIVATE Full Body Fitness

Week 3 ACTIVATE Challenge workouts

Week 4 ACTIVATE Lift Lean


There will be Low Option Workouts for beginners plus Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Meditation and Brainfit options every month.


The NEW version of 8 week ELEVATE is £79

You can complete the first two blocks and OPT in for the 3rd block for only £27! You can even “postpone” your 3rd block and hit it hard after Christmas!

*** Plus bonus FREE digital recipe books – 10 Minute Recipes AND Slow Cooker


Book Elevate and receive your choice of either of these digital Kick Start recipe books!

Kick Start On Demand

See the list of programmes below, to start ANYTIME you need to get back on track!

Sign Up Anytime!

All the following programmes are available on the Full Access subscription which is £27 a month.

Taster subscription is only £9 a month, and offers the Beginners 7 Day plan, as well as one featuring another of our 7 Day programmes.

You can unsubscribe at any time! 

7 Day Lift Lean Express

The 5:2 protocol … on plan for 5 days, with 2 days Intermittent Fast of usually 16 – 18 hours and 2 nutritious & healthy meals, coupled with full body workouts using challenging weights! Eat the right foods to reduce belly fat and still have a bit of “wiggle room” for those occasions where you want to relax your nutrition. The compressed version of the fabulous full Lift Lean plan!

7 Day Lift Lean Mid Section Meltdown

The 5:2 protocol … on plan for 5 days, with 2 days Intermittent Fast of usually 16 – 18 hours and 2 nutritious & healthy meals, coupled with workouts designed to hit the core hard! Eat the right foods to reduce belly fat and still have a bit of “wiggle room” for those occasions where you want to relax your nutrition. Our most popular 7 Day programme to date.

7 Day Sprinter

Fast fat loss required?! Stick to the shopping list, add in some Intermittent Fasting days, do your daily workout!

Daily motivation with Rachel Holmes’s videos, helping with the focus and giving you the nutrition protocols for each day, plus the short, sharp and effective workouts.

7 Day Juice Cleanse

A great programme for you if you love your juicer, or want to dip your toe into this healthy practise! Plenty of Nutri-bullet blender smoothie options too, if you haven’t got a juicer.

Add 2 healthy nutritious meals per day, following our menu, or using the shopping list to create your own menu… and then a daily workout to suit all abilities. De bloat and feel fantastic!

14 Day Toned In 10

2 weeks of following the 3 meals a day, healthy meals, foods ONLY from the shopping list protocol…. sound easy doesn’t it? It IS, when you are following the plan, ticking each day off as you complete it!

A 10 minute workout each day – very suitable for beginners, or if you are post natal – or simply have got out of the exercise habit!

21 Day Lift Lean 5:2

The 5:2 protocol … on plan for 5 days, with 2 days Intermittent Fast of usually 16 – 18 hours and 2 nutritious & healthy meals, coupled with heavy weighted daily workouts designed to shape you up faster than ANY other method! Eat the right foods to reduce body fat and still have a bit of “wiggle room” for those occasions where you want to relax your nutrition. The most popular Kick Start programme ever… because it works so well – and is actually easy to enjoy!

21 Day Lift Lean Fitness Pilates Cleanse

Being a bit kinder to your body, by building in Fitness Pilates workouts, alongside the weighted workouts! Mix them up daily to suit you …you have the framework, but it’s totally up to you! Stay with the 5:2 protocol, feeding your body the good stuff MOST of the time, while still enjoying a social life!

28 Day Sugar Detox

Has sugar crept into your life to the point where you feel like you’re eating way too much rubbish food? Takeaways, crisps, alcohol, choc? Need to draw a line and get your health & fitness mojo back?

This programme follows the Elimination plan (cutting out the stuff that makes you feel tired, foggy headed and grumpy), with a daily blog from your coach Fran, plus a selection of workouts for the week.

8 Week Super Boost

Not just for summer! This programme strips everything back to basics and gets you on a good old strict plan – eliminating all the known inflammatory foods to your system… the alcohol, the dairy, the gluten…just giving your digestive system a clean up so the liver can de-stress and start to burn the fat! Coupled with a variety of HIIT & Lift Lean weighted workouts, lots of variety to keep you interested!

6 Week Elevate

Here is our compressed version of the full lifestyle change programme! Taking steps on a week by week basis, to improve your health and fitness with a habit based approach. No negative language – “failure” “cheating” “bad foods” … We want to help you shake off this unrealistic view of food and exercise. Live life to the full, no diet – “IT’S A LIFESTYLE!”

5 Week Prime

Time to address the OTHER reasons we gain weight and feel like we have no energy! Hormones, age, health, medication, sleep issues, stress …. Coaching videos with Rachel Holmes with lots of research into these subjects, and solutions for these common issues.

Healthy nutrition is KEY, and we help you to get this in place along with the other important health issues. A selection of workouts for a choice – the usual intense with plenty of mind-body workouts too.

90 Day Women’s Health

Here is a full 3 months worth of support here within the programme via the weekly video talks with Rachel Holmes, addressing all the issues around weight gain and health – hormones, age, stress, medication, sleep issues, stress, stress, stress!! Take the tools of this knowledge to empower yourself – find your lane, and make the changes to improve your quality of life. True lifestyle change, helping you to feel healthier, happier and in control. As with Prime, a selection of workouts for a choice – the usual intense with plenty of mind-body workouts too.

Fran, Coach at Kick Start Orpington

Contact me for more details, via any of my social media channels, or


LIVE PROGRAMMES at Kick Start Orpington

If you prefer the thought of a programme with a start date and a group of people beginning their

health, weight loss & fitness journey together, then join our next Elevate programme.


Daily nutrition protocol, daily workouts, daily coaching.


Make long term and permanent changes in body, health & fitness, in just weeks!