Face2Face at Flin's Fitness

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  • Westcombe Park - BR6 9SX

  • Tubbenden School - BR6 9SD

  • Crofton Junior School - BR5 1EL


  • Drop in PAYG - £8

  • Concession PAYG - £7, enter code CR on the payment screen

  • 5 class pack - £32-50 | Concession 5 class pack - £30

  • 10 class pack - £65 | Concession 10 class pack - £60

Spring / Summer Schedule 2022


  • 9.30am Cardio, Core, Conditioning - Westcombe

  • 10.30am Zumba Gold - Westcombe Park

  • 11.30am Pilates - Westcombe Park

  • 6.00pm Box Fit - Tubbenden School

  • 7.00pm Yoga Flow - Crofton Junior School

  • 7.00pm Box Fit Core - Tubbenden School

  • 8.00pm Dance Fit (bookable course) - Crofton


  • 9.30am PUMP - Westcombe Park

  • 6.00pm Stretch Pilates - Crofton Junior School

  • 6.00pm Total Body+Stretch - Tubbenden School

  • 7.00pm Zumba - Crofton Junior School

  • 7.15pm Beginners Plus Yoga (course) - Tubbs


  • 9.30am Total Body - Westcombe Park

  • 6.15pm Circuits - Tubbenden School

  • 6.30pm Pilates - Tubbenden School

  • 7.10pm Box Fit Circuits - Tubbenden


  • 9.30am Body Conditioning - Westcombe Park

  • 10.30am Total Body Lite - Westcombe Park 


  • 6.30pm Beginners Yoga (course) - Tubbenden 

  • 6.45pm Step HIIT - Tubbenden


  • 9.00am Hiit - Tubbenden School

  • 9.45am Boot Camp - Tubbenden School

Strength & Conditioning

All sessions will work you hard with heavier weights and a number of different training methods – variety in your training is the key to shape change and muscle tone!
Prepare to ache, it's all in a good way!

Cardio & HIIT

High energy and intense!
Options for all levels given, but you will be encouraged to push hard!

Pilates, Yoga & Stretch

Mind body and de stress… all classes are kind to your body and will help realign, define and strengthen.

Dance Fitness

Pure fun fitness!
If you love to dance you will love
these classes!

Body Conditioning  

Using dumbbells and occasionally bands for a low impact full body workout


A step bench & dumbbells with challenging intervals


All the essential Pilates

exercises covered, improve strength & posture


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A fitness party!


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