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Hi, I'm Fran and Flin's Fitness is my baby, founded in 1996 and going strong today with Box Fit, Cross Training, Pilates, Zumba - and everything in between, pretty much!


Have a look around our website to see what the classes are all about - all types of class, for all levels of fitness!

Do you like the look of Online?

  • SAMPLE the free pre recorded classes here for a taste of what's on our schedule

  • BOOK your first realtime Online class via the TeamUp class calendar

Are you more of a Face2Face class person? 

  • CHECK out the class clips of our face2face classes 

  • BOOK your first face2face class via the TeamUp class calendar

Still not sure what's right for you?

Message me via the button on this website, or on 07976 412027 and

I'll get right back to you!


Welcome To Flin's Fitness!

Love Online?

Here are your FREE Online class recordings. They are our Zoom classes in realtime, repurposed for our On Demand library.

Hope you enjoy & feel the benefit of the workouts!

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