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Fran Flin

Flin's Fitness Business Owner 

“I’ve been running Flin’s Fitness since 1996! During that time I have gained many skills:

  • Fitness Pilates

  • Fitness Pilates for orthopaedic conditions

  • Pre & Post Natal exercise

  • Les Mills Body Pump instructor

  • PowerWave instructor

  • Fight Klub instructor

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga

  • Exercise to music

  • Weight management & exercise counselling

  • Kid’s fitness

After running the business alongside my role as a firefighter, I now have just the ONE job after retiring from the fire service!


I am once again taking a limited number of personal training clients.

We train at my personal studio in Orpington, or I can come to you if local. My aim is to help you to achieve your specific goals, at the same time enjoying banter and fun!

Outdoor Group Training

Either join one of the Small Group PT courses, or sign up together as a Private Group! 

A small group means more attention to technique and form ....and nowhere to hide! 
Motivation will be high, and session plans will be designed to be TOUGH and challenging. 
Enjoy yourself in the company of others, while being mindful of the Covid19 safety measures we have put in place!

Check out the class calendar for Small Group PT, or message me, Fran for details!


Rosie Flin

Personal Trainer &

Flin's Fitness Instructor

"I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer for all levels of fitness, targeting all the way from beginners to fitness enthusiasts that just want a bit more of a push. 

Deciding to become a Personal Trainer was the best decision I have ever made. Learning how to look after the body in so much detail was the most eye opening thing!

I have been a PT since early 2019 and I am absolutely in love with my job and exercise. I love helping people get to where they want to be, getting stronger and fitter and overall a better version of themselves. I will put my all into helping every one of my clients achieve their goals."


Lauren Osborn

Personal Trainer &

Flin's Fitness Instructor

“Personal training is always something I have wanted to do as a career. I love seeing the buzz that others get out of exercise, because working out has been a hobby of mine for many years. It helps you feel good physically but most importantly MENTALLY…and that’s what it’s all about!

Whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to start their fitness journey or a total novice that just wants that extra push, I am here ready and waiting to put you through your paces! Let’s set goals and smash them together…and I promise it won’t be boring! You might hate me just a little bit but it’ll all be worth it…Fat loss, strength, endurance, muscle gain…What is it that I can do for YOU?

I’m a realist so believe life is all about balance…I won’t mind the odd G&T here or the odd slice of carrot cake there…as long as you put in the hard work (and offer me some) we will see results…No session will be the same because who wants a boring workout?! Let’s have some fun with it.”

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Pad work qualification

The Energise 28 Day Plan

My Energise programme is a package you can purchase in the store.

Get your exercise and health mojo back on track…daily workouts and a daily video from me to keep you focused and on track.


A meal plan, recipes, tools to learn how to set achievable goals AND be accountable every day while you’re on the 28 day plan.


What’s included?

  • Daily coaching with me on a video for 28 days

  • Access to a choice of daily online workouts, specially selected for each level of fitness

  • A group “club” vibe with common goals and community feel


All this for £45 for the full 28 day plan - around £11 per week! 

Some testimonials from some of my clients following my Energise Health & Fitness programme: 

The energise programme has really helped me to refocus & get back into a well being mindset. It has encouraged me to spend much needed time

on my own physical & mental well being &

I feel really great for it!

Very keen to keep going, the arms have come straight back & I’ve really toned up my back & shoulders. 5cm has come off the waist already! Just need to keep going to see even more results

in the legs & tummy.

I’ve also included a pic of an outfit I thought I’d almost waved goodbye to. I wore this for my 40th & I felt amazing in it. No chance I’d have got into it just over a month ago. I never cease to be amazed by what can be achieved in 4 short weeks.

Thanks so much for all your time, guidance, encouragement & unwavering support - couldn’t do it without you & all at FF!!

— Kate

katie testimonial.JPG
Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 18.43.44.png

Thanks for the last 4 weeks ! It was absolutely what I needed to get myself in a good place.

The group support helped to focus the mind , knowing that we were all in it together made me more conscious to stay on track.

It wasn’t about weight loss for me, but am 4lb lighter which has given me a boost , but it’s the inch loss that has made the difference. Waist, hips and thighs all smaller - 8 inches in total.

I feel good physically and mentally and plan to keep going, so thank you for this and all you do to keep us all fit and motivated !

— Carole

Back to it this week, and am still feeling positive about the food and exercise.


Last week wasn’t good for me exercise wise but am pleased with my food choices while we were away, and I managed to maintain my weight loss from the two weeks before. I am especially glad because I didn’t feel as if I deprived myself while I was on holiday but made wiser choices!

After years of thinking I would not like overnight oats because I hate porridge - am a convert and love them!   


I have noticed such a difference in my legs since restarting the classes and my arms are not wobbling so much.  Although the losses are slow, the changes I have made are more sustainable and I guess age/menopause is a factor?

I am not an early morning person, so when my alarm goes off at 6am and I don’t want to get up I just think how much better I will feel about myself during the day knowing I have completed the workout and how disappointed with myself I would be if I hadn’t done it - and it works I get up and get on with it!

— Michelle