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Fran Flin

Flin's Fitness Business Owner 

“I’ve been running Flin’s Fitness since 1996! During that time I have gained many skills:

  • Fitness Pilates

  • Fitness Pilates for orthopaedic conditions

  • Pre & Post Natal exercise

  • Les Mills Body Pump instructor

  • PowerWave instructor

  • Fight Klub instructor

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga

  • Exercise to music

  • Weight management & exercise counselling

  • Kid’s fitness

After running the business alongside my role as a firefighter, I now have just the ONE job after retiring from the fire service!


I am once again taking a limited number of personal training clients.

We train at my personal studio in Orpington, or I can come to you if local. My aim is to help you to achieve your specific goals, at the same time enjoying banter and fun!

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Lauren Osborn

Level 3 PT, Fitness Instructor, Pad Work Qualification

“Personal training is always something I have wanted to do as a career. I love seeing the buzz that others get out of exercise, because working out has been a hobby of mine for many years. It helps you feel good physically but most importantly MENTALLY…and that’s what it’s all about!

Whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to start their fitness journey or a total novice that just wants that extra push, I am here ready and waiting to put you through your paces! Let’s set goals and smash them together…and I promise it won’t be boring! You might hate me just a little bit but it’ll all be worth it…Fat loss, strength, endurance, muscle gain…What is it that I can do for YOU?

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Rosie Flin

Level 3 PT, Fitness Instructor

"I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer for all levels of fitness, targeting all the way from beginners to fitness enthusiasts that just want a bit more of a push. 

Deciding to become a Personal Trainer was the best decision I have ever made. Learning how to look after the body in so much detail was the most eye opening thing!

I have been a PT since early 2019 and I am absolutely in love with my job and exercise. I love helping people get to where they want to be, getting stronger and fitter and overall a better version of themselves. I will put my all into helping every one of my clients achieve their goals."

Check out my own website:

Flin's Fitness Charity Aerobathon '23 

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👏🏼You may have seen already on my socials, but we raised an amazing amount - £3,434, which will be gratefully distributed to those in need among the local population. A whopping £1,400 of this was down to the raffle and the CAKE! WOW!


Thanks again to you all 💙




Read my blog about it here

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