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A 40 second read! ๐Ÿ˜‰


It's 2.30am and I would like to go to bed now after a very loooong day!

Therefore you get to read a short, but fascinating blog ๐Ÿ˜œ, to let you know that I am doing some PT online - and I have a Small Group starting on Saturday, just for 3 weeks to see how you like it! Sessions are a full 45 mins and you will need some dumbbells...each session is independent of the rest, so you can book one, or book ahead for all three.

Here's the link to book for Sat 28th Nov.

Beth's 8.45am Saturday class needs some tweaking to bring in some early bird fans - we are working on ideas, but if you have some suggestions in the meantime, please do ping them over!

Ok, that's it! Class schedule for the week ahead is below ... enjoy your Sunday!

Much love,

Fran x

Week commencing Sunday 22nd


9.30am Complete Fitness Training with Lauren


6.45am Early Morning Workout with Fran

9.30am HIIT with Lauren

10.15am Essential Pilates with Michele

5.45pm Body Conditioning with Rosie F

6.30pm Power Combat with Emma

7.15pm Yoga Flow with Jules


9.30am LBA with Rosie F

10.15am Yoga with Tracey

5.45pm Total Body Workout with Emma (Fran covering)

6.30pm Yoga with Carrie


6.45am Early Morning Workout with Fran

9.45am Resistance Band Workout with Emma (Fran covering)

10.30am Pilates with Rosie B

4.30pm TEENS Workout with Rosie F

5.45pm Cardio & Core with Rosie F

6.30pm Pilates with Jules


9.30am HIIT with Tracey

10.15am Yoga Conditioning with Emma

5.45pm HIIT with Rosie F

6.30pm Fitness Pilates with Fran


6.45am Early Morning Workout with Rosie F

9.30am Cardio & Core with Lauren

10.15am Body Conditioning with Emma

11am Fitness Pilates with Emma


8.45am Early Session with Beth

9.30am Total Body Workout with Emma

10.15am Yogalates with Fran

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Now go to bed!!!

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