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Back2Fit Mumma's - details here!


Are you, or do you know, a new mum?

I made a video - it’s actually a SEVEN week course this time, but I made the whole video before remembering this!!!

It’s not about pressure to look “amazing” after childbirth … it’s about feeling good that you can:

  • Move your body again!

  • Rediscover your pelvic floor

  • Rediscover your stomach muscles!

  • Have some time doing YOU

  • Not have to worry about childcare

  • Meet and chat with other new mums too ..

  • Feel better in your head as well as your body - exercise is so good for this

The class is taken by Tracey: a Nanny in a previous life, with a million years of fitness experience, including working with post natal mums!


Any Q's, please message me, or on any of my socials! Please SHARE with anyone you think might be interested!

Back tomorrow with the main news blog & schedule for Bank Holiday week.

Fran x

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