Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation law it is my responsibility to update my user privacy policy to reflect changes I’ve made to protect this privacy. This is to make it clear about how I use your data and keep it safe.

My Data Protection Policy

1. All personal information that I collect from you will be used solely by me (Francesca Flin, Flin’s Fitness) and kept filed securely in accordance with GDPR. You reserve the right to request a copy of all data I hold about you at any time and you have the right for parts or all of this data to be removed.

2. All new class participants are required to fill out and sign a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, either online or a paper copy at class. All Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires are securely stored at my personal home and only I have access to them. After 12 months they are destroyed.

3. For the purposes of communication about my classes, timetable changes, events, updates and class cancellations I ask every participant for their email address. This is the only form of data I ask for apart from the signed Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. Supplying your email address is not obligatory. However without your contact information I am unable to contact you about class changes or cancellations.

4. All email addresses are entered on to my mailing system. There is a link available to unsubscribe on every email I send. NO email addresses are passed on to any one person or third party companies.

5. All data held on the Team Up booking system is also protected in accordance with the Team Up privacy policy which can be viewed upon registration with Flin’s Fitness.