“Passionate about fitness she’s a bundle of energy and serves up challenging workouts. Attentive to individual fitness levels she always provides alternative technique options”

“Fran’s passion for fitness shines through in every class that she teaches. She is always able to provide an adaptation for an exercise to suit your abilities! All of the classes that Fran teaches will give you a whole body workout and her HIIT class is especially good!”

“Queen of cardio, Fran’s classes are always challenging and varied too – from Fight Klub to body conditioning, to HIIT and Step, Fran’s classes never fail to give you a good all round total body workout, which will take you to your own personal limits, whatever your level of fitness. Oh and watch out for the curveballs which will push you just that little bit harder.”

“Emma’s classes never fail to deliver. Emma loves a weight and the heavier the better. Her classes will always push you hard as you can go. Focusing on strength and cardio, with the odd bit of combat, Emma’ HIIT and Fight Klub classes offer the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level. In contrast Emma’s Pilates classes are calm and focused giving you the opportunity to improve your technique, whilst giving you a great conditioning and strength workout.”

“Emma brings such life and energy to every class that she teaches. She will push you to your limits her Fight Klub class is especially good with brilliant routines !!”

“She’s a fun loving instructor who enjoys banter with the class. Work at your level or push harder, the choice is yours. Her forte is distraction to take away the burn and time flies when you’re having fun!”

“Super sets, reps and time challenges Rosie is all about the burn without compromising on technique. You have to be in the zone to get the best out of the class. Suited to intermediate/fit level.”

“Rosie is the squat queen! Rosie will make sure that your technique is on point and will help you get it right! Always an intense class that will have you legs and arms wobbling for days!!”

“Rosie’s classes focus on muscle toning and building (if that’s what you’re after!). She will normally focus on a specific part of your body to ensure, over time, you’re covering all key muscle groups. There’s always a punch to Rosie’s classes too….normally killer cardio!”

“Tracey loves to make you work hard. Her almost military style workout will put you through your paces using a mix of equipment in a HIIT style. In contrast, Tracey is also an accomplished yoga instructor. Her classes, for all abilities, will challenge you by focusing on the correct technique and good posture and breathing, to ensure you get the best out of your yoga practice.”

“Variety is the spice of life and Tracey’s classes are different every week. She’s vocally motivational and promotes 100% effort.”

“The classes are well organised, with Kelly giving clear and helpful instructions. She achieves a good balance of hard work and great fun. Kelly helps and guides us all to achieve our goals, and is always prepared to listen to our ideas and feedback. The people on both evenings are very friendly and Kelly encourages us to help each other to enjoy the workouts.”

“What’s not to love about Kelly’s classes! Her energy is infectious. She welcomes all abilities ensuring we all work to our own levels, while encouraging us to push harder! She brings the fun factor to fitness meaning I can’t wait for her next class.”

“I can’t praise this energetic, enthusiastic and modern instructor enough. We turn up sometimes stressed and leave fully re energised, destressed and very much motivated. She is very professional and suits all age groups and ability.”

“Jules speciality is body conditioning and teaches this brilliantly! If you are after a class where you enjoy a routine of a moderate intensity her classes are for you!
A great instructor for all abilities”

“An enthusiastic instructor who is very interactive. Her positivity is intoxicating and elevates you to achieve your potential.”

“Yoga and Pilates are Jules’ forte. Jules welcomes everyone irrespective of ability and will always provide options for beginners through to more advanced participants. Her body conditioning classes incorporate a retro aerobic style with a bit of dance thrown in for good measure.”

“Carrie loves a barbell, and anyone who goes to her classes does too. A completely different way to up your fitness levels and tone muscle and build strength and stamina. In addition Carrie teaches yoga and conditioning classes, a great complement to the barbell workout.”

“Carries barbell class is outstanding she makes the class flow well whilst concentrating on good technique she has a lovely personality and is so approachable if you are nervous about doing a heavy weight class!”

“A soft and encouraging approach to workouts. Carrie is demonstrative and subtly challenging with focus on endurance. Suited to all levels of fitness”

“Beth’s style is a mix of cardio and weights, normally via a circuit or boot camp. HIIT with Beth is sharp and focused. You’ll work through the muscle groups using various pieces of equipment and there’s always a cardio element too. You’ll up your heart rate and improve your fitness.”

“Beth’s HIIT classes are amazing! You are guaranteed to get a sweat on in half an hour and her infectious bubbly personality will make you want to get out of bed on a weekend!!”

“She is a great all rounder providing full body workout; deceptively challenging. Her classes can be tailored to all fitness levels whereby she demonstrates alternative exercise options.”

“Lauren has brought a new intensity that has re energised my classes at Flin’s fitness! She has fresh new moves and her classes are fast paced and energetic! Brilliant all round!”

“Great workout sequences targeting all muscle groups. A good proportion of cardio element leaving you breathless. Perseverance is key to achieving the next level of fitness”

“New to the Flin’s Fitness team but don’t be fooled, Lauren’s classes are not for the faint hearted. Lauren offers something different every time; her HIIT classes are always well planned and structured. They are designed to work you hard, irrespective of ability level, and they will leave you feeling great.”

“A new recruit to the Flin’s Fitness stable. Rosie’s classes are a combination of traditional HIIT, using a variety of equipment, everything from step, to kettlebells, traditional hand-weights and PowerWave bags. Always varied, Rosie’s classes are great for all abilities.”

“She has a sunny disposition and teaches bite size manageable workout sequences. Suitable for all levels of fitness.”

“A calm and serene approach to her Pilates, very focused on correct technique suited for every level of participant. “

“Kevin’s knowledge of yoga is outstanding. His practice and teaching has enabled me to do yoga moves I never though possible! You feel relaxed and accomplished at the end of each class!”

“Creates a serene and calm environment without compromising on technique or information. Interactive and demonstrative, he encourages you to let it all out!”

“Kevin is a true yogi guru. His masterclasses will help all abilities improve their yoga practice and you’ll hear about the history of the moves as Kevin’s deep and soulful voice takes you through the yoga flows. Oh and Kevin loves a bit of meditation too!”