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3 Belts Available for Feb Fitness Challenge!

Hello 👋🏼

Would you like to turbo charge your fitness in Feb?

I have made such a difference to my own fitness with the Myzone belt, it's been so much fun! Tracking my progress and EFFORT! You see, secretly I am a lazy person trapped inside a Fitness Instructor's persona haha! Watching my effort levels during my workout has done so much more for my fitness than my smart watch - I just didn't bother with that, I much prefer to see my effort % during my workout!

I would like to add to our Myzone Flin's community, and have 3 straps for sale. They are £65 as a one off payment, no other fees at all! You can use them in your FF classes, or if you go for a run, dancing, walking, whatever! There is a monthly goal of 1,300 Myzone Effort Points (MEPS), which is the World Health Organisation's recommendation to keep fit! Then there is an opportunity to join our February Fitness Challenge - this month I'm challenging everyone to hit 500 MEPS a week during the 4 weeks of Feb. Fancy it?

Have a look at the testimonials above - the members are LOVING their belts too! Then message me this weekend, so I can get you set up and ready to go, you won't regret it!


A couple of you mentioned that you didn't know that TeamUp has a members booking app - it's super easy to book on to classes (and off, if life gets in the way) :

Team Up Customer App


On Demand content:

Another 8 workouts loaded up this week, including another Back2Basics offering, with another 5 to be loaded up this weekend!

Click here for the On Demand Video Library for just £7.75 a month - cancel any time.

Have a great week,

Fran X

Don't forget about the Flin's Fitness REFERRAL SCHEME: On your TeamUp account (the one you use for booking classes), you will see on your profile a referral code. This will give your newbie friend a free class, but also gain you an £8 credit to use as you wish - towards your next membership, or just as a drop in class etc ... there is no limit to the amount of friends you can tell about how great your classes are!

TeamUp Booking Calendar here

Schedule for week Mon 31st Jan:

🎥denotes Online classes

🏫denotes Indoor

🌤denotes Outdoor


🎥6.45am Early a.m. Cardio & Core with Fran

🏫9.30am Cardio, Conditioning, Core with Lauren - WP

🎥9.30am POP UP Back2 Basics with Fran

🏫10.30am Zumba Gold with Kelly - WP

🏫11.30am Pilates with Fran - WP

🏫6.00pm Box Fit with Emma - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Box Fit with Emma - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Yoga Flow with Jules - Crofton

💃🏽🕺🏻8.00pm Dance Fit with Jules - Crofton


🏫9.10am HIIT with Tracey - WP

🎥9.30am Body Conditioning with Lauren

🏫10.00am Strength & Stretch with Tracey - WP

👶🏻10.45am Back2Fit Mumma with Tracey - WP

🏫6.00pm Stretch Pilates with Rosie B - Crofton

🎥6.00pm Express HIIT with Rosie

🏫6.30pm Total Body + Stretch with Carrie - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Zumba with Kelly - Crofton

🙏🏼7.30pm Yoga Improvers with Carrie - Tubbenden


🎥6.45am Early a.m. Strength with Emma

🏫9.30am Total Body Workout with Rosie F - WP

🎥10.00am Resistance Khiit with Emma

🏫6.15pm Express Circuits with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden


🎥9.30am Boot Camp Online with Lauren

🎥6.00pm Resistance Khiit with Emma

🙏🏼6.30pm Beginners Yoga with Tracey - Tubbenden

🎥6.45pm Pilates with Emma

🏫6.45pm Step HIIT with Rosie F - Tubbenden


🎥6.45am Early a.m. HIIT Mixed with Rosie F

🏫9.30am Body Conditioning with Emma - WP

🎥9.30am Cardio & Core with Lauren

🏫10.30am - Total Body Lite with Emma - WP


🎥9.30am Body Conditioning with Fran

🏫9.00am HIIT with Emma - Tubbenden

☀️9.45am Boot Camp with Emma - Tubbenden

Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day!

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