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Adapt, Embrace, Move On 🦾

Hi Everyone,

As we all know, times have changed so much, and therefore so does my beloved Flin's Fitness. I still want to be able to offer fantastic fun group exercise classes but unfortunately I need to adapt my business to the current climate. ....

So despite having to suspend the VIP for the time being, let's look at the positives:

🎯Waitlists are down and more often than not, disappear! The most popular classes have much shorter waitlists as people are being much more selective about which Live classes they do!

🎯The Online Unlimited classes pass for £35 means that you can workout daily if you like! Then choose your fave live classes using a class pack to get that group exercise buzz on a weekly basis!

🎯Using a class pack is so flexible. Live classes work out at £6.50 each (£6 for concessions) - this is HUGELY cheap for the high standard of class - my instructors are ALL amazing and worth every penny - 100% satisfaction guaranteed - or money back!🤑

🎯If you need to unregister, your class is returned to your pack automatically - no show, late cancel, no refund. Fair? If no waitlist, I will give discretionary refunds.

🎯The class packs sit on your account for up to a year! You just rock up when you fancy a workout - no time pressure to use them up.

🎯We offer high quality Zoom classes for £4 if you buy an online class pack. Or be spontaneous and tune in anytime for a fiver a class!

🎯You can mix and match Live & Online for a huge variety and we will keep varying our offerings to suit demand - I LOVE to hear feedback from my members!

I'm looking forward to a future which is different to how we all thought it would be, but I'm still here, so are my wonderful team of instructors, and hopefully so are YOU.... for years to come!

Lots of love,

Fran xxxx

Ps A massive thank you for your messages of support and understanding ... you guys rock, and I feel so lucky to head up this wonderful community at Flin's Fitness 💜

Class News:

We will now trial our 3 Early Morning Workouts at 6.45am, due to several requests! Hope not too early / not too late .... please do give me YOUR opinion if I've not heard it yet! 

Barbell Pump Small Group: There are still 3 spaces on this course ... please get in touch if you wish to register for all 3 remaining, or you can PAYG £10 for individual sessions. Only 8 maximum in the group, so you get some great individual coaching! 

Youtube Weekly Upload - Here's my latest Fitness Pilates for you, please let me know if you enjoy it 😊

Please give me a "like & subscribe" as support for my channel? Thank you :) 

There are many more workouts on the Members Dashboard so if you like our workouts and want 100's more to choose from for exercising at home, head over to the Members Dashboard , for only £9 a month. 

HUGE NEWS! (Ironically at the bottom of the newsletter, but hey ho ... lots of other stuff to talk about!)

I've been working with my good friend John Gillard at on my new website! EXCITED!!! I want to work on one more element and then it will hopefully go live this week ...a simple, clutter free and more intuitive website .....MOVING ON! 

Have a great day 😊


Fran x

Follow me on my socials for class clips & lifestyle tips!

Insta: @flins_fitness

Twitter: @flinsfitness

Facebook: Flin’s Fitness with Fran or join my group Flin’s Health & Wellness

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