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Covid & Classes Health & Safety!

Aaahhhh ... well, here we go again, sort of!

We will complying with official guidelines at Flin's Fitness, so please note the following:

  • Please wear a mask in, and out of the halls at Crofton, Tubbenden & Westcombe. You won't need to wear a mask during the workout of course.

  • Please do NOT come to class - even if you only have a cold. You automatically get a refund if you book off the class & I will refund even if it's last minute, if you feel under the weather.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser before and after classes where we are using equipment. You will be required to wipe down your mat if you borrowed one of ours. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

  • We will be observing 2m spacing at classes, so please place yourself in a big enough space to be able to move around safely. Class numbers in the busier classes will be reduced to allow this to happen.

  • We will ensure there is ventilation - even in the Pilates classes, so please do wear layers if prone to feeling the cold.

Let's hope this is a short lived resurgence of the virus & variants ... we're all a bit fed up with it now! Of course we will still deliver the best quality workouts, but making sure everyone still feels safe to come along.

Any Q's please feel free to drop me a message!

Much love,

Fran x

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