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Crazies, Courses, and errr ...Crunches? 🥱



🤡🎃 It's DRESS UP time for the Zumba fans, on Monday at 10.30am and Tuesday at 7pm - Kelly LOVES this stuff and silliness, so don't hold back!

🧙🏻‍♀️☠️ I'll be bringing a surprise workout theme for my Box Fit classes on Monday night - can't wait! Hope you can join me and my "once a year" Halloween leggings 😂


****Did you know?**** All courses are available to AAA (Access All Areas) members for no extra cost? All booked through TeamUp as part of your £65 monthly membership.


Nah, not so much! There are hundreds of more effective and interesting, challenging ways to work your stomach muscles & core! Don't bother with those crunches unless there's a twist or functional plane thrown in! We put a big emphasis on core in ALL classes, one way or a few others! Let us do the input here 😉

Have fun with your fitness this week - we will do our best to help that happen, both online and face2face!

Fran x

Can't make a live class? Join us On Demand for LESS than the cost of a live class at £7-75 a month. Go in via the TeamUp button on the website and look there for On Demand - easy!

TeamUp Booking Calendar here

Schedule for week Mon 31st Oct:

🎥denotes Online classes

🏫denotes Indoor

🌤denotes outdoor


🎥6.45am Hiit with Fran

🏫9.30am Cross Training with Lauren - WP

🏫10.30am Halloween Zumba Gold with Kelly - WP

🏫11.30am Pilates with Emma - WP

🏫6.00pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden

🎥6.00pm Body Conditioning with Rosie

🏫7.00pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Yoga Flow with Jules - Crofton


🎥9.15am Low Impact Strength Hiit with Lauren

🏫9.30am PUMP with Tracey - WP

🏫6.00pm Stretch Pilates with Emma - Crofton

🏫6.30pm Total Body + Stretch with Fran - Tubbenden

🎥6.45pm Total Body with Rosie

🏫7.00pm Halloween Zumba with Kelly - Crofton


🎥6.45am Early a.m. Body Conditioning with Rosie

🏫9.30am Total Body Workout with Rosie - WP

🎥9.45am Core & Conditioning with Emma

🏫6.15pm Circuits with Lauren - Tubbenden

🏫6.30pm Back2Fit with Jules - Tubbs Small Hall

🏫7.10pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden


🎥6.30pm Pilates Flow with Emma

🏫6.45pm Step HIIT with Rosie - Tubbenden


🎥6.45am Early a.m. Total Body Accumulator with Rosie

🎥9.15am Hiit with Lauren

🏫9.30am Body Conditioning with Emma - WP

🏫10.30am Back2Fit with Emma - WP


🎥9.30am Conditioning Intervals with Fran

🏫🌤9.30am Cross Training with Emma - Tubbenden

Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day!

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