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Is Your Motivation FLAT On The Floor?

Here's your road map BACK, yes, to

"Boost Your Serotonin, With Some Summer Tonin'!" 😉

This is happening from THIS weekend, for one month, so we can get a month of training done before people start their holidays!

  • It's actually FREE - support and coaching and a weekly fit test, to chart progress!

  • It's all about getting you BACK into exercising - gently until you feel more confident!

  • Group support - WhatsApp of course! Nothing beats group encouragement 😊

  • Classes are online - you simply need an online class pack or unlimited online membership for a month ... the weekly Fit Test is free as part of the support, as is the WA group!

Send a message YES please to this email and on Friday, you will be added to the group ready to go!

All you have to lose is NOTHING, all you have to gain is MUSCLE TONE, HEALTHY VIBES and fitness confidence!

Speak very soon

Fran X

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