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Option 1 or Option 2?

Hello 👋🏼


As we approach the summer break, we will be running a new Yoga course:

"Learn Yoga with Rosie"

Bringing yoga back to basics and developing over the 6 weeks as you gain confidence!

The question is ... WHEN?

IF this is of interest to you, please let us know your preferred time:

Option 1: Thursday evening at 7pm

Option 2: Saturday morning at 10.30am



Great feedback so far! Here's are a couple of user comments 😊

"Love the new app.  Much more user friendly." - Clare M

"Congrats - it's a great app!" - Hanna

If you've never used our On Demand service, you can sign up for a 7 day FREE trial - with NO roll on "forgot to cancel it" membership! YOU choose if you want to continue with the paid subscription - which, at £11.75 pm is less than £3 a week for top quality workouts in your back pocket!

So, NO strings ...have a look at these benefits:

  • 100's of videos, catalogued by genre

  • Mini workouts, beginners, core only, legs only, arms only ....!

  • Like and save your faves for another time

  • Comment on watched videos - tell others what you thought of the workout!

  • Use the Flin's On Demand app from your phone or tablet (with the option to mirror to your tv screen), or use the Flin's On Demand website on your tablet or desktop 👍🏽

Here's what to do:

Step 1: Click JOIN on the new Flin's On Demand website here!, creating a new account and password. ***Note that Flin's On Demand is a separate platform to TeamUp!

Step 2: Download the app from Google Play or the App Store



Here are the details:

  • Sunday Sept 15th, 10am until 1pm ish

  • Tubbenden School

  • Booking link HERE

  • Our charities: local mental health charities, Living On Bereavement Services and Westmeria Counselling Services more about them, and the Aerobathon event, here

  • My Just Giving page is HERE and we are asking for a £15 contribution to come to the event. Any amount is welcome of course 🙏🏼

If any small business owners would like to promote themselves via a raffle prize with flyers and information, please do get in touch!


Class listings for the week are below .... any questions or comments, I'm here 😊

Fran x

If you need any assistance booking classes, or have an enquiry about any of our sessions, please do get in touch:

Class Calendar & Booking here

Schedule for week from Monday 8th July

🎥denotes Online classes

🏫denotes Face2Face


🎥7.15am Sunrise Yoga with Rosie🌅

🏫9.30am Cross Training with Lauren - WP

🏫10.30am Zumba Gold with Kelly - WP

🏫11.30am Pilates with Emma - WP

🎥6.00pm Body Conditioning with Rosie

🏫6.15pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Yoga Flow with Jules - Crofton

🏫7.15pm Total Body Lite with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫8.00pm Dance Fit with Jules - Crofton


🎥8.00am Total Body with Rosie

🏫9.30am Pump + Stretch with Tracey - WP

🏫6.00pm Pilates with Cheryl - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Total Body + Stretch with Cheryl covering - Tubbs Small Hall

🏫7.00pm Zumba with Kelly - Tubbenden


🎥6.30am Early Morning Workout with Emma

🏫9.10am Step Boost with Rosie covering - WP

🏫9.45am Barre Conditioning with Rosie - WP

🎥9.45am Body Conditioning with Lauren

🏫6.15pm Cross Training with Emma - Tubbenden

🏫6.30pm Pilates with Jules - Tubbs Small Hall

🏫7.15pm Box Fit with Emma - Tubbenden


🎥7.30am Step Boost with Lauren

🏫6.15pm Step HIIT with Jules covering - Tubbenden

🎥6.30pm Pilates with Jules

🏫7.00pm Zumba with Kelly - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Yoga Flow with Jules covering - Tubbs Small Hall


🎥9.15am Interval Training with Lauren

🏫9.30am Body Conditioning with Emma - WP

🏫10.30am Total Body Lite with Emma - WP

🎥12.40pm Lunchtime Pilates with Fran


🎥8.30am Total Body Online with Emma

🏫9.30am Cross Training with Fran - Tubbenden


Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day.

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