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🧘🏻‍♀️Sheeee's Baaaaa-ack!🙏🏼

Ahhhh... there she is! I chose this pic for the pure joy on Rosie's face, just after being told she is now a fully fledged Yoga instructor! 🥹 Absolutely brilliant! Rosie and her friend Fran (another one lol) spent 3 and a half weeks immersed in the yogi lifestyle at the excellent Bali Yoga school and have come back ready to practice their skills!


Coming soon .....!

1. Saturday morning 10.30am ... a 4 week Introduction to Yoga course, exploring Hatha & Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, and Yin. Details up later this week - a notification that booking is open will come via the FF App, ahead of next week's newsletter.

2. Yoga ONLINE! We are considering ideas - Monday morning (work from home day? 😉) at 7.15am for 45 mins - Sunrise Yoga. Who would be interested in this time? Start the week with a mindful stretch and body awakening. Please do respond if this sounds good to you!

Other sessions may be planned, however Rosie does have a busy evening diary with PT clients, so evenings are still under discussion. Wednesday mornings have been busy with the Step Boost and the Barre Pilates, so we are chatting to the Wed am participants this week before planning a morning group Yoga session.


The Flin's Fitness booking app has news bulletins an easy to manage booking calendar ... if you haven't got it yet, download it from the app store - links are here:


THURSDAY is polling day at Tubbenden - our evening classes are relocated to Westcombe Park RFC - same time, free parking.

Have a great weekend!

Fran X

If you need any assistance booking classes, or have an enquiry about any of our sessions, please do get in touch:

Class Calendar & Booking here

Schedule for week from Monday 29th April

🎥denotes Online classes

🏫denotes Face2Face


🏫9.30am Cross Training with Lauren - WP

🏫10.30am Zumba Gold with Kelly - WP

🏫11.30am Pilates with Fran - WP

🎥6.00pm Body Conditioning with Rosie

🏫6.15pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫7.00pm Yoga Flow with Jules - Crofton

🏫7.15pm Total Body Lite with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫8.00pm Dance Fit with Jules - Crofton


🎥8.00am Total Body with Rosie

🏫9.30am Pump & Stretch with Tracey - WP

🏫6.00pm Stretch Pilates with Cheryl covering - Tubbenden (main hall)

🏫6.45pm Total Body + Stretch with Carrie - Tubbenden (small hall)

🏫7.00pm Zumba with Kelly - Tubbenden


🎥6.30am Early Morning Workout with Rosie

🏫9.25am Step Boost with Fran - WP

🏫10.00am Barre Pilates Conditioning with Fran - WP

🎥9.45am Body Conditioning with Lauren

🏫6.15pm Circuits with Fran - Tubbenden

🏫6.30pm Pilates with Jules - Tubbs Small Hall

🏫7.15pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden


🎥7.30am Step Boost with Lauren

🏫6.30pm Step HIIT with Rosie - Westcombe Pk

🎥6.30pm Pilates with Jules covering

🏫7.15pm Zumba with Kelly - Westcombe Pk


🎥9.15am Cross Training with Lauren

🏫9.30am Body Conditioning with Rosie covering - WP

🏫10.30am Total Body Lite with Rosie covering - WP


🎥8.30am Total Body Online with Emma

🏫9.30am Cross Training with Fran - Tubbenden

Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day.

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