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You Know I Like A Tweak...

Hello and yes, another little tweak, hopefully for the last time before the summer hols kick in!

Take a look at the schedule below... Body Conditioning returns to a Monday night and yes, Total Body Step returns to a Thursday lol! (There were valid reasons for trying a change - honest!!) The 3-4-2 offer is still on! Use it as many times as you like until July 13th ... here is the link for that.


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Have a good week, Fran x Class Schedule Week Commencing Monday 28th June 🎥denotes Online classes 🏫denotes Indoor 🌤denotes Outdoor MONDAY 🎥6.45am Early Morning Workout with Fran 🌤9.30am Boot Camp at the Pod with Fran - WP

🎥9.30am Condition & Stretch with Rosie F 🏫10.30am Zumba Gold with Kelly at WP 🏫11.30am Pilates with Michele - WP 🎥5.45pm Body Conditioning with Rosie F 🏫6pm Box Fit with Fran - Tubbenden 🏫7pm Body Conditioning with Fran - Tubbenden 🏫7pm Yoga Flow with Jules - Crofton 🏫8pm Dance Fit with Jules (course with single session booking available) - Crofton TUESDAY 🎥9.30am Body Conditioning with Fran

🌤9.30am Boot Camp at the Pod with Tracey - WP 🌤10.30am Yoga with Tracey - WP 🎥6pm Condition & Stretch with Fran 🏫6pm Stretch Pilates with Rosie B - Crofton 🌤6.15pm Carrie On Boot Camp! - Tubbenden 🏫7pm Zumba with Kelly - Crofton 🏫7.15pm Beginners Yoga (FULLY BOOKED course) with Carrie WEDNESDAY 🎥6.45am Early Morning Workout with Fran 🌤9.30am Total Body Workout with Rosie F - WP 🎥10am Resistance Band with Fran 🎥5.45pm Total Body with Rosie 🏫5.45pm Teen Box with Fran (course with single session availability) - Tubbs 🏫6.45pm Box Fit Club (FULLY BOOKED course) with Fran - Tubbenden 🎥6.30pm Pilates with Jules THURSDAY 🎥9.30am Boot Camp Online with Rosie F 🌤9.30am Shadow Box with Fran - WP 🎥5.45pm Express HIIT with Rosie F 🌤6.30pm Outdoor Group PT with Fran (course with single session availability) - Tubbs 🏫 6.45pm Total Body Step with Rosie F - Tubbenden FRIDAY 🎥6.45am Early Morning Workout with Rosie F 🏫9.30am Body Conditioning with Fran - WP 🎥9.30am Cardio & Core with Rosie F 🏫10.30am - Fitness Pilates with Fran - WP SATURDAY 🎥9.30am Body Conditioning with Rosie F 🌤9.30am Boot Camp with Fran - Tubbenden 🎥10.30am Fitness Pilates with Fran Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day!

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