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APPLE / iOS users:​

Step 1: Register for an account on the Flin's On Demand website HERE

Step 2: Download Flin's On Demand from the app store HERE

ANDROID users:​

Download Flin's On Demand from the Google Play store HERE, register on the app.

All users have access on the desktop or pad, to the Flin's On Demand website,

great for playing videos on your laptop!

Website for desktop view:

A Full Library of Different Workouts For All Abilities

  • Mind Body (Pilates, Yoga, Stretch)

  • Strength & Conditioning (low impact, using dumbbells)

  • Cardio & Hiit (high energy, a mixture of exercises, using dumbbells for some)

  • Total Body (less intense than hiit, but still some challenging exercises, a mixture of cardio & strength)

  • Step Boost (low impact workouts designed to up your step count for the day)

  • Add-On Mini Workouts (mix and match workouts to tailor your workouts - includes warm ups & cool downs)

Like and save your favourite workouts, choose from the latest "Best Of The Week" selection, comment on completed workouts to let people know what you thought! 

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