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NEW Classes 🧨🧨🧨

Of course, I'm VERY excited! I LOVE changing things up and bringing on new classes and concepts!

I'm trying out things currently - not many of us know where we are in the new world - let alone have the same routine week in, week out, so it's a good time to mix things up and see what captures your interest!

At The Pod at Westcombe Park:

New class concept #1:

Fit2Run Boot Camp - Tuesday 9.30am - book here

Work HARD! Running intervals with a mix of conditioning weighted exercise.

🎯For the fit and fitness improvers that like to be pushed

🎯For those a bit bored with just running around the streets

🎯For those who want to be fitter and stronger to improve on running times

New class concept #2:

Shadow Box - Thursday 9.30am - book here

A full on fun class - boxing fitness drills with body weight conditioning and small weights. Similar in style to our Online Power Combat class, but with big club tunes to keep you motivated!

🎯For all levels of fitness

🎯For those who loved our Fight Klub back in the day!

🎯For those who love a fun and energetic class with banging music

INDOOR CLASSES return from May 17th and elsewhere on the website, I've put together the potential schedule as it stands at the moment (scroll to the bottom of the page). Have a look and let me know what you think!

I'm also trying to pull together a Mini-Thon fundraiser for next month - outdoors of course! More details to follow, as soon as I'm one step closer to finalising the details 😊

On Demand is fully updated each week: this week we have a guest workouts, Pilates with Jules, and Resistance Bands with Emma - just £7.75 a MONTH!

Or you could subscribe for free to my Youtube channel. Click the bell icon to get notified when a new public link workout is uploaded 🤓

As always, wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Fran x

Class Schedule Week Commencing Monday 26th April

🎥 denotes Online classes

🌤 denotes Outdoor


🎥 6.45am Early Morning Workout with Fran

🌤 9.30am Cardio, Core, Conditioning with Lau - The Pod

🎥 9.30am HIIT with Fran

🎥10.15am Pilates with Michele

🎥 5.45pm Body Conditioning with Rosie F

🌤 6.00pm Outdoor Conditioning with Fran - Tubbs

🎥 6.30pm Yoga Flow with Jules


🌤9.30am Fit2Run Boot Camp with Rosie - The Pod

🎥 9.30am Back2Basics Body Conditioning with Lauren

🎥10.15am Yoga with Tracey

🎥 6.00pm Power Combat with Emma

🎥 6.45pm Yoga with Carrie


🎥 6.45am Early Morning Workout with Rosie

🌤 9.30am Total Body Workout with Rosie F - The Pod

🎥 10.15am Resistance Band with Emma

🎥 5.45pm HIIT with Rosie F

🌤 6pm Total Body Step with Fran - Tubbenden

🎥 6.30pm Pilates with Jules


🎥 9.25am HIIT with Tracey

🌤 9.30am Shadow Box with Fran - The Pod

🎥10.15am Yoga Conditioning with Emma

🎥 6.00pm Total Body Workout with Rosie F


🎥 6.45am Early Morning Workout with Rosie

🌤9.30am Body Conditioning with Fran - The Pod

🎥9.30am Cardio & Core with Lau

🎥10.15am Body Conditioning with Emma

🎥11.00am - Fitness Pilates with Emma


🌤 9am Outdoor Small Group PT with Emma

🎥 9am Back2Basics with Fran

🎥 9.45am Total Body with Fran

🌤10am Total Body Workout with Emma

🎥10.30am Strength & Stretch with Fran

Please note that this might be subject to change, and the schedule on TeamUp is correct on the day!

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