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Plans for Jan 2021

I LOVE challenge, it makes me more focused! So here we are heading into the New Year with a mission - Tier 4 (maybe even Tier 5?) just makes me more determined to present you with the BEST in online offerings!

What have we got on offer?

1️⃣A full online timetable with 22 cost effective high quality Zoom classes ✅

2️⃣Back2Basics - my new 28 programme for people who are out of shape or out of the exercise habit, to safely come back to fitness - details below! These are also standalone classes and can also be booked by anyone not on the course ✅

3️⃣Energise #2 - my 28 day programme for health, weight loss and fitness, together in a WhatsApp group - starts Jan 11th - details below!✅

4️⃣Online Small Group PT - all the benefits of my coaching in a small group via Zoom. Kit provided if local! Bookable on the schedule from Dec 29th ✅

5️⃣Individual PT - Some of my clients are happy to be with me outdoors in a car park with dribbly wet noses during Tier 4, however SOME are loving the Online convenience. I have limited spaces, so get in touch for details ✅

We are BACK, stronger and fitter than ever Online - there's really something for everyone, so get involved! No need to log into my website, just go straight to the "book a class" and the TeamUp booking system will take it from there!

Please message me if you need help getting online 🤓

See you virtually very soon,

Fran X


The Back2Basics Programme

Who is it for?

🎯Those who are out of condition & unfit

🎯Beginners to exercise

🎯People who recovering from injury and need to take things slowly

Join us on your journey back to fitness:

  • Simple, easy to follow workouts

  • Equipment free

  • Full warm ups and cool downs

  • Bite sized 20 - 25 minute sessions to ease in gently

What’s included?

  • 3 dedicated B2B online classes, with a replay link available for missed sessions

  • A unique code to gain access to as many of the 12x B2B classes during the 28 days

  • An end of programme discount code for a further month access to all our online sessions in February

B2B Classes:

Mon 10.15am

Wed 9.30am

Sat 9.15am

Let’s go!

From Mon 2nd Jan - £29 for the full 28 Day plan - booking here:


Energise #2

My new Energise programme starts on Monday 11th Jan

Get your exercise and health mojo back on track…daily workouts and a WhatsApp “health club” to interact, swap recipes, learn how to set achievable goals AND be accountable every day while you’re on the 28 day plan.

What’s included?

  • Daily coaching with me with accountability in the members WA group for 28 days

  • A weekly code giving access to 7 daily online workouts

  • Unlisted Youtube links to FF workouts - on replay to fit in with your life!

  • A group “club” vibe with common goals and community feel

All this for £45 for the full 28 day plan - around just £11 per week!

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